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Business Model


The main categories of services include:
(i) bare shell fit-out; (ii) restacking; (iii) reinstatement; (iv) maintenance and (v) churn work.
(i) Bare shell fit-out work is undertaken with respect to the interior space of a vacant premise which usually only has basic flooring and plastered walls.
(ii) Restacking involves upgrades and re-planning and modification work to the existing interior structure of the premise.
(iii) Reinstatement involves demolishing any additional moveable structures that were installed by the existing tenant.
(iv) Maintenance service is to provide general office maintenance service, such as minor repairs and general builder’s maintenance work to office facilities, pest control and emergency call service for a pre-determined period.
(v) Churn work involves providing piecemeal repairs and modification work to client’s offices. 
Pre-construction planning

Base on the client’s requirements, offering the best possible cost-space solutions.

Site survey
Raise out potential concerns and challenges with targeted resolutions.

Tendering & bidding
Offer high quality and cost efficient construction solutions. 

Design-to-construction development
Provide material sample boards, shop drawings, mock up samples to accurately visualize the finished product.

Material procurement
Purchase high quality product at the most cost effective manner from our reputable network.

Construction site management
Manage by a dedicated team of project managers and construction managers from start through completion of each project.

Post-service and maintenance
Provide continuous maintenance support post-service delivery.